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Hightail acquired adeptCloud for an undisclosed sum

Hightail acquired adeptCloud for an undisclosed sum

Files sharing service Hightail, formerly known as Yousendit announced Wednesday that it has acquired adeptCloud, a file sync and collaboration service touting strong security, privacy and control attributes.

AdeptCloud bills itself as a cloud-based share and sync service, but its unique, at least in its terminology, in that it lets users create what it calls cloud silos – which are essentially private clouds linked securely via VPN with encryption wrapped around it. Users can centrally administrate policies and rules to govern which users have access to each silo, and the company said that the data is never actually stored on the adeptCloud’s servers so it functions like a peer to peer service (it also makes it less likely that data would end up in the hands of intelligence officials).

“At Hightail, we don’t believe professionals should have to compromise superior user experience to gain the security and control they deserve. Team adeptCloud takes this to an entirely new level,” said Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Hightail.

Frank-Robert Kline, co-founder and chief executive officer of Adept Cloud said that his company’s approach to security makes it a more robust offering for enterprises today. Hightail is already using 128 bit SSL in transit and 256-bit AES at rest for its service, and the VPN approach would add another layer to that.

But there’s likely more to this deal than just security. Shortly before Yousendit rebranded to Hightail in order to better compete with the “Boxes” of the world, Business Cloud News had the chance to speak with Eric van Miltenburg, the company’s vice president of business development who spoke about how the company acquired Found, a service that lets users search various cloud platforms in real-time. He said Hightail’s aim is to be cloud agnostic in the sense that its send, sync and collaboration service should transcend the various (similar) cloud services out there; this is “a hint” of where the company is heading, he said.

More specifically, Miltenburg hinted at bringing cross-cloud search and collaboration functionality to its service – something beyond the type of integration offered by its competitors, and when combined with the unlimited file size adeptCloud already offers, might combine for a fairly compelling offer.