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AWS VP Andy Jassy

AWS VP Andy Jassy

Amazon Web Services’ senior vice president Andy Jassy criticised private cloud vendors for their “archaic” solutions as he opened the AWS Enterprise Summit 2013 in London today.

Speaking to a large group of enterprise customers and technology partners, Jassy, perhaps unsurprisingly, said that the “old guard” technology vendors hopped onto the private cloud bandwagon once enterprises began embracing the public cloud.

“It’s been a very good model. In the early days of the cloud, the old guard companies poo-pooed it, saying ‘nobody’s going to use it for anything critical and enterprises will never use it’,” Jassy said. He went on to add that these vendors are pushing private cloud solutions because they wanted to protect the traditionally high margins they’re used to, rather than deliver value to enterprise users.

“After all the hand-waving, and as start-ups, mid-sized companies, enterprises and the public sector have started to adopt the cloud really quickly, the old guard technology companies said ‘you are right, the cloud is actually substantial, but what you really want is the private cloud – we will give you everything AWS gives you but we will give it to you on-premise,” he said.

“To build a private cloud from scratch now is ill-advised – it is not cost effective, it is not the way world is going, it is kind of an archaic solution.”

Jassy took the opportunity to tout AWS’s capacity – which he claims is about five times the combined total of the company’s top 14 competitors, and said that on-premise datacentres will be a thing of the past – or at best have their footprint significantly reduced. Not too quick to dismiss private cloud, he also spent time talking about the company’s approach to hybrid cloud – which he said would be increasingly important as enterprise customers look to blend their own datacentres with AWS’ services.