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Microsoft plans to launch several more accelerators in the coming months

Microsoft plans to launch several more accelerators in the coming months

Microsoft has launched a UK accelerator programme in London, targeting startups developing innovations in computing technology and gaming.

The programme will be based in Shoreditch, east London – the heart of Tech City, where tech-savvy startups have been focusing on delivering innovative products and services, largely around cloud computing and mobile.

The 12-week accelerator programme will feature one-to-one mentoring from companies including Jenson Solutions, Ventures in Motion Ltd, Train2Game, Lift London, and Lionhead Studios among others, with technical assistance from Microsoft executives, and will give participating startups access to Microsoft’s broad portfolio of technologies.

At the end of the 12 weeks all of the participating companies will have the opportunity to present their ideas at a demo day attended by a panel of venture capitalists, investors and mentors within the technology community.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Business Cloud News that startups have the opportunity to receive direct funding from Microsoft after early business success has been achieved “which includes but is not limited to: a viable product in market with demonstrated customer traction, a full-time founding team, and aligned to Microsoft domain expertise, including enterprise, big-data next-gen advertising, gaming, and cloud services/SaaS to name a few.”

The spokesperson added that while helping to build up a company on the Microsoft stack may help the software giant realise additional value, “the priority for selection remains on the power of the idea and the team tasked to deliver the vision behind the product.”

Microsoft is about two thirds of the way through rolling out its global accelerator programme strategy. The company has set up five accelerators in Bangalore, Beijing, Paris, Seattle, and Tel Aviv, with more accelerators planned for Berlin, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro.