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VMware and Pivotal say the new hybrid PaaS will be available by Q4 2013

VMware and Pivotal say the new hybrid PaaS will be available by Q4 2013

VMware and Pivotal on Wednesday announced a strategic partnership to co-develop a commercially supported hybrid platform as a service offering based on the open source PaaS Cloud Foundry.

The EMC subsidiaries made the announcement at VMworld’s flagship event, VMworld, where VMware has been busy announcing a number of strategic partnerships focused on delivering innovations in cloud computing and hypervisor technology.

“VMware’s continued commitment speaks volumes to the momentum that the Cloud Foundry platform has received over the past few months,” said Rob Mee, senior vice president, Cloud Applications, Pivotal. “As Cloud Foundry is fast becoming the preeminent open source, cloud independent Platform as a Service, VMware’s support and new offerings will give customers a great set of choices to deploy their applications.”

The goal with the new PaaS offering seems to be to bring some of Cloud Foundry’s consumer-friendly features to a VMware-specific PaaS offering that works equally well when deploying applications in both private and public cloud environments.

The new hybrid PaaS offering, called Pivotal CF, will be available on VMware’s cloud OS, VMware vSphere, and will also be available on VMware’s vCloud Hyrbid Service, the company’s public cloud offering – which it claims will be “completely interoperable” with existing VMware virtualised infrastructure – already available in the US and set to launch internationally at a time yet to be announced.

“VMware is committed to working with Pivotal to continue enhancing the Cloud Foundry platform, helping customers take full advantage of Platform as a Service,” said Raghu Raghuram, executive vice president, Cloud Infrastructure and Management, VMware. “By making the Pivotal CF hybrid PaaS available on both VMware vSphere and vCloud Hybrid Service, VMware and Pivotal can provide multiple options for developers to create the next generation of enterprise applications.”

The company says the new hybrid PaaS offering will be available by Q4 2013. In the meantime the two EMC subsidiaries will continue their longstanding work with a growing group of industry stakeholders on the Cloud Foundry platform.