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Business Cloud News presents an exclusive series of webinars which provide a unique opportunity to learn from a panel of Cloud pioneers and experts from Cloud World Forum 2013.

Hear from the leading industry experts as they share their views and expertise on some of the hottest talking points in the industry starting with tips on how to choose the most suitable cloud provider, how to get the most out of your contracts and SLAs and how to transform your business with a cloud strategy.

A Cloudy Outlook

 Webinar presenter: Jonathan Brandon, Senior Staff Writer

In this webinar and introduction to the Cloud webinar series, Jonathan Brandon, senior staff writer at Business Cloud News, covers a range of topics that have dominated the headlines of late. He delves into the ins-and-outs of cloud service contracts to see how the industry is getting to grips with service level agreements in this still nascent sector.

  •     Ensuring due diligence on cloud service contracts
  •     Key clauses to be wary of
  •     Is your data safer in the cloud?

Cloud - How to take back control of your ICT

Webinar presenter: Matthew Finnie, Chief Technology Officer, Interoute

Choosing the right cloud provider is essential in ensuring your transition to the cloud is safe and secure. In this webinar, Interoute CTO Matthew Finnie, shares Interoute’s Ground to Cloud principles and how it allows customers to take back control of ICT infrastructure.

Key points addressed during this webinar include:

  • How you can start at any point on a service continuum and either move to an asset ownership or a managed infrastructure model – without sacrificing control.
  • How much of the wisdom being applied to cloud is based on a very narrow assessment of the way services can be built
  • What makes a truly open approach to cloud computing
  • The benefits of inserting computing and storage capability into your network
  • Why cloud Computing in isolation isn’t the solution alone but it should be a catalyst to rethink your architecture and infrastructure

Transforming Business with a Hybrid Cloud Delivery Strategy

Webinar presenter: Steve Dietch, HP’s Vice President of Worldwide Cloud

Hybrid cloud is looking to be the dominant cloud arrangement over the coming years, but with that come a whole host of integration and performance challenges. In this webinar, Steve will discuss the key drivers shaping the enterprise shift to hybrid cloud, and will help shed light on how traditional IT systems can effectively integrate with cloud environments into one converged cloud architecture while optimising cost and performance.

  •     Why are enterprises going with hybrid cloud?
  •     Introduction to HP Converged Cloud
  •     How HP is leveraging Open Stack for HP Cloud OS
  •     Transforming your business with a robust hybrid cloud strategy