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MTS has begun one of the biggest VDI projects in Russia to date

MTS has set to work on one of the biggest VDI projects in Russia to date

Russian mobile operator Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) has begun working on a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) project that will see about 90 per cent of the company’s employees’ desktops replaced by thin client solutions.

MTS has tapped Citrix XenDeskptop to be used as the VDI brokerage whileVMware will be providing the hypervisor software – vSphere Desktop, and the company is in the process of expanding its proprietary datacentre which will host the solution VDI solution.

The company will also use the new datacentre to offer cloud services for corporate customers, including Microsoft Office 365 and a number of other enterprise-specific cloud services.

An MTS spokesperson told Business Cloud News that the project will target 25,000 employees, approximately 90 per cent of the company’s workforce, and will be completed by 2017.

“This is one of the first projects of such scale in Russia. We know that banks and telecommunications companies are trying to implement similar solutions with a similar scope but this is definitely a big long-term investment,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said MTS is investing around $12m into the project overall and he said the new thin client solutions will result in savings of about $3m per year.

According to data from VMware the number of VDI thin clients in Russia will reach 100,000 by the end of 2013 and is forecast to grow significantly over the next few years, reaching roughly 1.5 million by 2015 according to IBS Research.