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Telstra Global joins cloud industry heavyweights like Dell, VMware and Microsoft

Telstra Global joins cloud industry heavyweights like Dell, VMware and Microsoft

Carrier services provider Telstra Global on Wednesday announced that it has joined the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), a non-profit industry body working towards the development of a common code of practice for cloud service providers.

Established in 2009, the Cloud Industry Forum aims to help improve accountability and transparency among cloud service providers, and acts as a focal point for standards development related to cloud computing among other industry consortiums, international standards organisations and public sector groups.

Martin Bishop, Global Head of Hosting Services at Telstra Global said: “When customers source and implement cloud services on a global scale, we’ve discovered that they are often faced with a wall of complexity that arises due to the challenges associated with data security, coverage and interoperability, local infrastructure and culture.”

“Complexity in the cloud universe doesn’t need to be a barrier to global businesses gleaning benefits from it. That is why we are pleased to support the Cloud Industry Forum and its drive to adopt an industry-wide Code of Practice that helps to provide end-users with a clear path to achieving cloud computing success,” Bishop said.

Telstra Global, a subsidiary of the leading Australian telco Telstra Corp recently launched cloud infrastructure services in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK in a bid to expand upon its cloud services offering in Australia. The company also announced a further $800m in new investment into its global cloud infrastructure.

Commenting on the Telstra’s move to join the CIF, Alex Hilton, the body’s chief executive officer said: “The cloud industry has enjoyed enormous growth over the last few years, but end users continue to express concerns about data security, data privacy and sovereignty. Clearly, the cloud industry needs to provide more clarity and practical guidance to allay these natural concerns. To this end, we are working with our members to improve education and encourage the commitment by CSPs to best practice in accountability, capability and transparency, in the form of our Code of Practice.”

  • Backuppro July 17, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    Telstra is trying to keep up with Microsoft, Google and Dell. Yeah, not going to happen.

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