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Hightail CEO Brad Garlinghouse

Hightail CEO Brad Garlinghouse

One of the most longstanding brands in the file share and sync arena – YouSendit – announced Thursday that it is re-branding as Hightail, and bolstering its cloud storage offering.

“With a name that strides like a giant across a landscape of Boxes, Syncs and Shares alongside an audaciously elegant look that contrasts with the endless dreary blues of the cloud space, Hightail leads by example,” said Hightail CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

“Our aspirations as a company go way beyond just send. The name YouSendit constrained us in terms of our vision for the opportunities ahead, and I think as we move to this new name it gives us a much wider playing field to be an impact player in that broader opportunity,” he said.

Hightail’s announcement comes off the heels of Dropbox’s inaugural DBX event, a developer-focused conference where the company revealed a range of new features and APIs already being folded into the likes of Yahoo Mail and Shutterstock. At the event Dropbox also announced that its user base recently climbed above 175 million, over four times Hightail’s user base – which sits at roughly 43 million.

Garlinghouse’s explicit mention of the ‘Boxes’ of the world (Dropbox and Box being two notable file share / sync / collaboration services) may signify that the company has had some difficulty evolving within the increasingly competitive space.

The company has also bolstered its cloud storage service, offering customers unlimited storage (file size max of 2 GB) for the reasonably competitive price of £11.99 (Box offers 1TB for £11), which may help bring Hightail more in line with the services its taking aim at.

In an interview with Business Cloud News last month the company’s senior vice president of business development Eric van Miltenburg suggested that Hightail would focus on integrating technology acquired through Found earlier this year, which enables cross cloud searches across almost any platform. At the time of the interview Miltenburg maintained the company had plans for a major service upgrade in Q3 of this year, though it is unclear whether the re-branding will alter this and other plans already in the pipeline.