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Microsoft and NetApp are extending a longstanding partnership to bolster their cloud strategies

Microsoft and NetApp are extending a longstanding partnership to bolster their cloud strategies

Leading cloud infrastructure and storage data management provider NetApp announced Monday that the company is investing $15m in a sales collaboration and technology integration partnership with Microsoft.

The new partnership will help provide NetApp partners with better tools to help drive the company’s cloud strategy, like sales enablement, training and a new incentive scheme for NetApp reselling partners assisting customers with cloud integration.

The NetApp Partner Program was developed to complement existing offerings under the Microsoft Cloud OS Accelerate Program, which helps customers offset the service costs of deploying Microsoft cloud solutions.

Under the new partnership NetApp will also be brought into the fold of the latter as both companies seek to team up and offer joint cloud solutions in a bid to expand and diversify their cloud offerings.

“A core element of Microsoft’s Cloud OS strategy is to share with customers the technical advances that Microsoft has developed through its own experiences in running many large internet scale services, and help them get cloud benefits including increased resiliency, simplified management, reduced cost and faster delivery of services to the business,” said Takeshi Numoto, corporate vice president, Server and Tools Marketing, Microsoft.

NetApp and Microsoft have been working together in partnership for over a decade now, with NetApp integrating Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology with the company’s flagship storage solution.

But the latest news will likely give a boost to NetApp’s partners and resellers, and comes off the heels of Microsoft’s announcement that its channel partners selling cloud solutions (Microsoft’s among others) experience nearly double Microsoft’s gross profit and faster growth.