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European-based firm Orange Business Services on Tuesday announced the expansion of its Flexible Computing enterprise cloud offering to Asia and North America, in a bid to capture a growing share of demand for networked cloud infrastructure services from multinational corporations (MNCs).

Orange Business Services plans to enter new regions in a bid to attract MNCs and capture more market share globally

Orange Business Services sees a ripe cloud market in Asia and North America

The company has integrated Flexible Computing with its global network to deliver a secure end-to-end service for moving business applications to the cloud, offering customers the option of purchasing self-managed or fully-managed services with the guarantee of rapid scalability and flexibility regardless of the package chosen.

“The international expansion of Flexible Computing, coupled with Orange’s seamless cloud-ready network, offers the reach, flexibility and unmatched coverage that our customers are looking for,” said Thierry Bonhomme, CEO, Orange Business Services.

“The on-demand IT resources and infrastructure enables them to seize new markets and opportunities, as well as accelerate time-to-market for new products and services.” The service is already in operation in Europe and boasts roughly 500 customers.

In the Telco-led managed and self-managed cloud infrastructure space, Orange Business Services, the France Telecom-Orange branch dedicated to B2B services, will be competing with a growing number of providers already established in North America and Asia, including prominent carriers like Verizon, Sprint, and China Unicom among others.