Business Cloud News

Service providers looking to grow revenue in a mature services market need to create new and differentiated business services that address the evolving requirements of local enterprises. This involves using more analytical and tailored go-to-market plans to identify and target potential customers.

As cloud computing matures, the need to integrate networks with compute and storage into the cloud ecosystem creates opportunities for service providers to evolve their enterprise offerings and gain market share. This is not only about evolving the network architecture for the cloud era, but creating new bandwidth consumption and pricing models tailored to the changing needs of key verticals.

In this webinar, Ciena will present how to differentiate business connectivity services in the cloud era, in particular:

  • - How to enable enterprises to grow their bandwidth and meet changing business requirements at reduced costs
  • - What new services (i.e. Video Transport, Encryption) can be created to target specific enterprise verticals
  • - How analytics on detailed enterprise data can be used to create profitable go-to-market plans