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The Cloud Migration Survey: What will move, what will stay, and why?

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The next few years will see a sizeable increase in the uptake of cloud services, but there are a number of reasons why enterprises are still resistant to the idea of placing their core, mission-critical IT systems out in the cloud. We surveyed 312 enterprise IT professionals in the UK, Europe and North America to find out why.

VMware looks to attract ISVs with hybrid cloud partner programme

VMware is looking to attract ISVs to its hybrid cloud service with the partner programme

VMware announced a partner programme that it said would boost the ability of independent software vendors (ISVs) to move their applications over to VMWare’s vCloud Air servic

Cloud-based supply chain firm Taulia bags $13m

Taulia has raised $70m since its founding in 2009

Taulia, a provider of cloud-based supplier invoicing and payments software, has secured $13m in series D funding, which the company said would help fuel its penetration into new verticals.

Rackspace adds four nines guarantee to private cloud

Rackspace is adding a 99.99 per cent OpenStack API guarantee to its cloud service

Barely a week after putting to bed rumours of its potential acquisition, Rackspace announced it will include a 99.99 per cent uptime guarantee to its OpenStack-based private cloud service.

SDN channel strategy moves one step forward with HP SDN app store

HP is launching an SDN app store, which may evolve into a notable experiment for the SDN channel

HP is set to launch an app store for software defined networking (SDN) and virtual networking applications which the company said will improve access to virtualised networking tools and help speed up their deployment in enterprises.

PowWow scores $2.5m to bring Windows desktop apps to mobile

PowWow co-founder and chief executive officer Andrew Cohen

PowWow, a provider of software that virtualises Windows applications and delivers them on mobile platforms, has secured $2.5m in a funding round which concluded this week. The firm said it would use the funds to bolster its go-to-market strategy and expand its engineering team.

Salesforce, Omnicom bolster CRM partnership

Salesforce and Omnicom are partnering to develop an integrated CRM platform for advertising and marketing

International advertising and marketing firm Omnicom announced a deal with Salesforce that will see the two companies create an integrated CRM platform specifically for advertising agencies. The move comes as enterprise IT decision-makers voice discontent with cloud vendors for failing to cater to industry verticals.

Cloud, IoT, big data require international charter on data privacy, experts claim

Data privacy experts have renewed calls for an enforceable supra-national agreement on data protection

Data security – and its correlate, data privacy – has become the leading issue when it comes to emerging digital technologies, especially cloud computing, big data, and the burgeoning Internet of Things. That’s why some of the world’s foremost data privacy and data security experts are calling for harmonised international standards on policies and processes related to data storage and handling.

Cloud vendors failing verticals on industry-specific services, CIOs claim

Enterprise IT decision makers speaking at the Okta European Cloud Summit in London

While many enterprises are starting to shift a good portion of their application landscapes into the cloud it’s clear that many niche applications have yet to be moved, in large part because cloud-based alternatives simply don’t exist, according to IT heads in the private and public sector.

London strikes down Salesforce’s bid to rename Heron Tower

110 Bishopsgate, which Salesforce attempted to rename 'Salesforce Tower'

Image source: Eluveitie

In a decision published this week, the Planning and Transportation Committee of the City of London said Salesforce did not occupy enough of the building to merit changing its name from Heron Tower to Salesforce Tower.