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Sinopec taps Alibaba for cloud, analytics services

Sinopec is working with Aliyun to roll out a series of cloud and big data services

Aliyun, Alibaba’s cloud services division is working with China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) to roll out a set of cloud-based services and big data technologies to enable the firm to improve is exploration and production operations.

Equinix announces sixth London datacentre

Equinix has announced five new datacentres globally in the past month

Datacentre giant Equinix has announced the launch of its sixth London-based International Business Exchange (IBX) datacentre.

Google boosts cloud-based big data services

Google is bolstering its big data services

Google announced a series of big data service updates to its cloud platform this week in a bid to strengthen its growing portfolio of data services.

IBM makes cyber threat data available as a cloud security service

IBM is launching a cybersecurity cloud service

IBM has unveiled a cloud-based cybersecurity service which includes hundreds of terabytes of raw aggregated threat intelligence data, which can be expanded upon by users that sign up to use the service.

NCR offers cloud control for Android-based ATMs

NCR says Kalpana can nearly halve the time it takes to deploy new services

NCR has announced a radical new approach to ATM network deployment, with a cloud-based enterprise application allowing banks to control and manage thin-client devices running a locked-down version of the Android operating system.

Ericsson, Eindhoven University drive connected car partnership

Ericsson has been pushing its connected car platform the past couple of years

Swedish infrastructure giant Ericsson has announced a new partnership with Eindhoven University of Technology focused on advancing the intelligent capabilities of automotive vehicles, starting with a solar-powered connected car, reports

Garter: IoT requires new architecture strategy

The IoT will require a new architectural approach, Gartner claims

Enterprise IT professionals and architects will need to develop new architectures in order to help mitigate the technological, legal and reputational risks associated with delivering Internet of Things services, Gartner claims.

Telstra, Pacnet finalise acquisition deal

Telstra is buying Pacnet to bolster its presence in the Asia Pacific cloud and managed services market

Telstra’s acquisition of Pacnet has now come to fruition, with the Australian telco today announcing it has completed the purchase of the cloud, managed services and datacentre provider. As reported by in December, the valuation of the deal came in at $697m.

DHL, Cisco claim Internet of Things will give $1.9tn boost to supply chain, logistics

Deutsche Post DHL and Cisco are looking at how IoT will unlock extra value in the supply chain and logistics sectors

DHL and Cisco, which are collaborating on a joint Internet of Things initiative looking at how IoT can improve decision-making in warehouse operations, claim the technology could give A $1.9tn boost to supply chain and logistics operations.

DigitalOcean drops into Frankfurt

DigitalOcean is among a number of US-based incumbents moving into Germany

In a bid to tap further into the European market DigitalOcean has expanded its presence in Germany with a new datacentre in Frankfurt.